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My steadily-increasing book backlog will be the death of me.

Yesterday, Dad came home bearing two packages he picked up from the post office: hardcover copies of Cranioklepty by Colin Dickey and 31 Hours by Masha Hamilton, and Vickie Weaver's Billie Girl in paperback (care of Unbridled Books and Leapfrog Press, respectively). Later that afternoon, my review copy of Emma Donoghue's Room from Hachette Book Group arrived. To say that I was happy yesterday is quite an understatement.

Besides that, there's also a bunch of e-galleys I downloaded from Net Galley. Oh, Net Galley is just wonderful; I have to thank it for introducing me to Adobe Digital Editions as well. I went ape-shizz crazy and requested egalleys for every book that interested me (and 'picky' is not my middle name).

I now wake up everyday with a purpose: to read. And read. And read some more.

Did I mention Net Galley is wonderful?

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