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Hi. My name is Pauline, but everybody calls me Kulot, which is the Filipino word for "curly." I'm a senior (but far from graduating) journalism student from the University of the Philippines Diliman (which is in, uh, the Philippines). To say that I love to read is an understatement for which the sheer amount of book clutter in our house and my dismal grades can attest to. I attribute this penchant for reading to two things:
  1. my mother, from whom I inherited an insatiable need to have a book within reach (though not, unfortunately, her love for John Grisham and Tom Clancy - a shortcoming that I will never live down for as long as I reside under my parents' roof), and
  2. the fact that she so wittingly named me after a character she read in a book, of which the title and author she has long forgotten. Of course I should be mad at her, for how can you possibly forget the one thing you named your eldest, most talented child after? But instead of holding a grudge against my mother, I am channeling all that energy into finding that one book that has christened me with such a boring name. The only clue I've extracted from her: the character Pauline in the story is a detective. Nope, it's not The Beach House by James Patterson and Peter de Jonge (which I read after being duped into thinking that was it), simply because it was published when I was 12 years old. Nice try, though.

The Wannabe Literati is a long-overdue book blog; it's taken me this long (where this = a time span I'm not so sure myself) because I've been too caught up reading books to even stop and review them. This is my attempt at balancing my words-consumed-to-words-said ratio.
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