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Everybody's got issues. Some people have issues with their morning coffee, dating guys who smoke, Barack Obama, and using condoms. Other people have problems with commitment, finding the right job, or Chuck Norris. I've got issues with fish (which I will only eat if I'm really, really hungry and have got nothing else; this poses a problem for when those 'if you were trapped in an island' survival scenarios actually happen), 2012 (because everybody keeps saying the world will end then, which brings up question of me ever being able to graduate from college, which makes for a very frustrated Kulot), and - just recently - highlighting books.

You see, I love taking care of my books, especially the hardbound ones. I'm saving them for my future two-story bookshelf for when I have my own house (I will make this happen, you'll see). And even though I rarely have a problem with people writing dedications on the back of the cover or on blank pages (as I, myself, am also a big fan of said practice), and will only frown ever so slightly upon people who dog-ear pages (my mother does this, and I've developed the habit of straightening out the pages of her books right after she's read them, kinda like the Dog-Eared Book Patrol), I will go into a fit - nay, I will die - if I ever see someone so much as write a squiggly mark on the text.

This is where my problem comes in. I've only just recently started writing down my thoughts on the books that I've read, and I realized that it's hard to do so when you don't have notes. Yes, you actually need notes to write notes about books. Sure, I can keep a pad and pen with me when I read, but this, too, gets difficult when you read like I do:
  • lying down on the bed, or on my tummy, while
  • eating something - usually food involving crumbs, like cookies - and
  • too engrossed with the book to even pause and write that sudden thought down for future use.

I tried writing notes on the margins with a pencil, but then the fear of writing something really stupid and then forgetting about it until years later when my future children read the same book and laugh at their mother's idiotic commentary struck me, and so I quickly erased said idiotic commentary. I tried using Post-its, but instead of reading I ended up making non-obtrusive bookmarks out of them (which, by the way, I will patent, unless somebody beat me to it).

And so here I am, reading my (literally) shiny copy of Charles Yu's How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe, a book so good I wish I could dip it in a bucket full of highlighter ink, when the idea struck.

Highlight the passages, duh.

Notice the said soon-to-be-patented Post-it non-obtrusive bookmark, which I might call Dog-Ear in replacement of actual dog-ears (yay I'm so witty). I'm on this page of HTLSIASFU, and this is (by far) my favorite quote from the book. Thank you, highlighter. I can now read in peace.

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